3 Easy Ways To Get Enough Physical Activity Without Hassle

I often get questions from my clients about fitness and physical activity; they get stressed out because they don’t have time to do all that fitness work that you are supposed to. At least if you listen to all the other people they feel there is a lot of “have to do” or “must do”, and they feel guilty because they don’t. Also they might not even like the fitness work. Doing things because you “have to” is not a good driving force.

It would become something you avoid for as long as possible, it becomes like a chore and it won’t benefit you. At this point you have to find ways that spark your interest and motivate you. Also if you understand what’s going on then it’s much easier to do things that you don’t really like because you feel it’s a bore but you can cope with it because you know it’s good for you. .

I know a lot of lady business leaders who are not into sports at all….

I can look at myself too, I was not an athlete in my younger years I was rather the clumsy elephant that was always chosen the last in all those team sports in school. I wasn’t really fat or anything but I was just not very athletic and it did not give me much pleasure.

I had other interests, but still I have always been looked upon as one of the healthier persons, but how can that be combined with what I just told you?

Let me tell you about myself as an example but I can also name quite a few of my clients with just this same kind of story. At that time when I was younger I didn’t know about science and physical activity. I just did what I thought and felt was good for me. Today it seems like I did the right thing just by chance and I’m happy for that.

With today’s knowledge this is how I attack physical activity and this is what my clients love too, because they are taken out of the “must do’s” and “should do’s”. Those things that they hate.

There are three different kinds of physical activity that we need. Let me explain:

  1. I take daily brisk walks for about thirty minutes, preferably in the morning, you can run or bicycle or something too. In the morning it gets me going with my muscles and my brain, and today we know that this is one of the healthier things you can do, because you get your blood circulation going and it gets your metabolism and your digestion going.

It works on the fat uploaded around your waist and it also helps your thinking, because it stimulates the nerve connections in your brain. Anyone can do it and it doesn’t cost a cent!

If thirty minutes feels a bit much then you can begin with a short time of five minutes and build up the minutes as you go, and when you feel it’s time you can just walk longer for longer periods of time.

So it’s not static and this is where you can improve your general physical capacity. Your general energy.

  1. The second kind of exercise we need is strength. I actually go to the gym a couple of times a

week even though I don’t really like it. I think it’s a bore but sometimes I can substitute it with some

hard gardening work or some heavy cleaning.

But I don’t do that every day so I do go to the gym every now and then to strengthen my muscles which helps me to avoid pain.

Weak muscles often ache and cause you pain. Some people are afraid of doing exercise because of the pain but it’s just the opposite, if you use your muscles and strengthen them then the pain will go away.

This will probably also make you a bit leaner in your body and it will make the everyday work like getting books off the shelf and stuff like that easier, plus it will make you smoother in your general movements at work and at home.

  1. Third and last but not least we also have to not sit still.

This might be an odd remark but it’s has been highlighted in medical research lately. Over the last couple of years we have found out that sitting still is very hazardous to our health. Even if we do daily walks, have big burst outs in sports and exercise regularly, it’s still not enough because when we sit still too long the blood flow decreases and the risk for cardiovascular disease adds up quickly.

Sitting still many hours in a day is as dangerous as smoking, and I imagine you know by now that smoking kills. This means that if you have a job that means spending a lot of time sitting by a desk then you need to create a process so that you’re getting up and moving your body every now and then. This is also needed if you watch a lot of television or if you are sitting and playing on your computer for hours. I use the timer in my phone to set the alarm for each hour and I get up and I stretch myself shake loose and I walk around the desk.

And then I can sink back into my work again and actually this helps the brain too because it needs something the brain needs some fresh blood for fresh thinking, so it’s a win for the whole body.

As you can see these three different forms of physical activity serves different purposes and they work well together to get the best health and wellbeing.

You really do need them all, and can’t really skip any of them. I’ve been using this for way for most of my life and today I’m happy to know that this is scientifically proven to be the good way.

To recap what you need to do is this:

  1. Walk for general fitness or run or go by bicycle. Can be done any time of the day but if done in the morning it gives you a good start to the day.This is for general physical capacity and it’s for your physical energy.
  2. Workouts to strengthen your muscles and to make you lean, to avoid pain.
  3. Do not sit still for long periods of time. Keep a schedule of movement throughout your day to promote blood circulation and to avoid cardiovascular disease.

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-Dr Annika

MD, TEDx-speaker, Stress-to-Calm-Mentor Helping Stressed Out Business Leaders Slow Down to Speed Up and Finally Get Things Done Without Having to Work Harder