Why, and how is a daily walk good for overall health?

Walking is one of the really great exercises to do — without any equipment necessary so we can say that it is easily accessible and we can do it anytime.

But the best time I recommend doing your daily brisk walk?

In the morning!

I found it really helpful in jump-starting my day. In fact, it became part of my morning routine.

So, how does it help in starting my day?

Daily Walk Makes Our Brain Work Better

Walking is one of the ways to make our brain systems work better.

Do you sometimes feel that you’ve lost your ability to manage tasks efficiently?

I know, I’ve been there too.

There are moments that there are just too many things on my list and I sometimes feel like it’s too much than what I can take.

Times like this make me feel useless… and it’s very stressful.

I remember a time when a client came to me saying:

“I am so stressed out. I don’t know what to do and the business is going down.”

Our sessions made our bond stronger, together with the trust. So during one of our sessions…

Transparency — something that is very common but at the same time not always applied.

A friend of mine, Heshie, asked me about my thoughts on transparency. Transparency for me means the truth and the complete truth only. It means not hiding, or not lying about anything.

But why is it important?

Here is a scenario:

“You lied about something to your friend John, but your other friend Marie knows the truth. At first, you thought everything’s going well… but one day you discovered that John is also friends with Marie. You panic. …

Image for surrounding yourself with good people

Surrounding yourself with good people dramatically improves your quality of life.

In my years of working with Stress Management, I’ve seen that there are a lot of things you need to change to achieve a calmer life.

And that includes — Your Network.

Having a great network should be non-negotiable. Making good connections, surrounding yourself with good, kind-hearted, and positive people will bring you happiness instead of stress. And we all know what being happy can do — in life, and in business.

But where do we start?

Mindset and Energy. First, establishing a mindset that you want a positive…

‘Where does stress come from?” What a great question, isn’t it?

When we hear this question, we immediately think of the current causes of stress. But what about its HISTORY and SCIENCE?

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if we could eliminate stress totally?

“Oh, easy peasy. Just take a pill against stress hormones and the levels go down to zero. And we would live happily and calmly forever after.”

Well, if you still believe that way the I hate to break it up to you BUT…


Our stress hormone system is part of…

Yes, it is stress — but you are not aware of it.

Are you getting stressed out without realizing it’s happening? Seeing signs you don’t recognize as stress? It creeps up on you slowly, is nasty, and then hits you when it is too late.

Stress is NOT all the things on your to-do list.

Stress is the reaction in your body and mind when your perceived demands from the outside are in contrast with what your inner power can handle. And this shows up in many different ways which can sometimes be hard to recognize as signs and symptoms.

Image for New Era, New Leadership Roles, More Stress

I guess it is clear to most of us that we’re in the middle of a new “Industrial Revolution”. That we go from today’s industrial society towards the future IT society.

Well, we’re already there in many ways.

Today’s young people have nothing to compare with — since most of them have not experienced the “Industrial Society”. This transformation will request a lot of new knowledge and skills from everybody dealing with it.

Last year, with a pandemic holding the world hostage, has actualized the question of what leadership is too. …

Image that shows some foods for good energy

There are many different angles to stress management. There are no quick fixes and you need to look at different corners of life to control your stress.

GETTING ENERGY is one of the essential things to work with.

When you are in the Hamster Wheel, all your energy is needed for the wheel to spin.

Energy is mainly sleep, eat, and exercise. It is also connected to mindset and clarity.

This week I want to focus on eatingon food.

What, why, and when to eat to get energy — so you can stay healthy.

There are so many…

You go to work every day. That is where you spend most of your awake time, especially if you are the boss. Shouldn’t that be feeling good, or even great most of the time?

Does it? Be honest with yourself.

Remember my last blog post, stating that 26% of the leadership felt uneasy about going to work, and over 40% in the tax paid systems workplaces.

Sad. Isn’t it? And scary.

Some years ago I asked a group of leaders: “What is your most burning question about stress?

I got A LOT of interesting questions. And this one is not…

Studies by the Swedish JobHealthIndex show that 26% of the leadership in the private work sector feel psychological unease to go to work a few times a week or even more often. For the leadership in the tax paid services, unease when thinking of work is shockingly at 43%.

Those are indeed shocking numbers and unfortunately, I believe they are true.

There is a myth that once you have become the boss, life at work will be so much easier.

Obviously, THAT IS NOT TRUE.

Ever since 2016 statistics have shown that the boss feels less well than the workers.

Annika Sorensen

MD, TEDx-speaker, Stress-to-Calm-Mentor Helping Stressed Out Business Leaders Slow Down to Speed Up and Finally Get Things Done Without Having to Work Harder

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